Chitosan Residual Test Kit

Field Test for ChitoVan Chitosan Acetate and Chitosan Lactate

The ChitoVan Treatability Field Test Kit, offered by Dungeness Environmental, is a quick and easy tool available to test for the flocculation of turbid water. The kit includes everything you need to determine the treatment efficacy of ChitoVan brand chitosan acetate and lactate on any water. Simply follow the directions to estimate the the chitosan concentration required to clarify water. Also available is a bentonite solution that may be added to clean water to demonstrate the flocculating power of ChitoVan.

Each kit includes:

  • 500-ml jar with lid
  • Sample of ChitoVan chitosan lactate flake
  • Dropper bottle of ChitoVan chitosan acetate
  • Dropper bottle of bentonite solution
  • pH test strips
  • Instructions
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