Developed for Passive Treatment

The ChitoVan Chitosan Lactate Cartridge is a high quality industrial grade chitosan salt containing lactic acid encased within a permeable cartridge. Installed in a pipe, trough, conveyance channel or atop a berm, the chitosan salt slowly dissolves as the water flows over and through the cartridge. Once in solution, the chitosan flocculates suspended sediment particles which settle and can be filtered out. This treatment device is very easy to use and install, and also eliminates the need for expensive metering equipment and liquid flocculents. Through extensive field experience, Dungeness Environmental has developed a number of BMPs which illustrate the recommended installation and maintenance methods.

Every application has different treatment objectives, therefore the ChitoVan LC family of cartridges are available in four different varieties to meet these needs.  The ChitoVan LC Green is designed for higher flows and/or higher temperatures. The ChitoVan LC Black is specifically for lower flows and/or lower temperatures.  Also, the Green and Black cartridges are available in either a 36 inch 1-pounder or a 72 inch 2-pounder.  Experience has shown that one pound will treat 100,000 gallons of water at 1 mg/L. Contact Dungeness Environmental to determine which cartridge is right for treating your water.

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