Final Dredge Effluent Polishing with CESF Treatment using ChitoVan Chitosan Lactate

Hosting over 400 different species of plant, bird, fish, reptiles and amphibians, Burnaby Lake is the most ecologically valuable resources in the Vancouver, BC area. Over the course of many years of nearby development the lake had become filled with a substantial amount of sediment. To protect and enhance the lake ecosystem the sediment has to be removed without impacting the sensitive ecology.

In the dredging process a large amount of dredge water is produced which requires discharge back into the lake. To ensure that the effluent does not harm this sensitive ecosystem a CESF system using ChitoVan Chitosan Lactate was installed to remove any remaining sediment and pollutants before the water is discharged. The effluent water from the CESF system has been shown to meet all the tough discharge standards which has allowed the contractor to get the job done without interruption.

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