1966 - Lee Johnson investigates shells in Kodiak, Alaska.

1972 - Pilot plant built in Seattle: Kypro Co.

1982 - Joel Van Ornum and Lee Johnson construct a chitin and chitosan production facility in Raymond, WA.

1989 - Joel and Lee start Vanson Chemical Co.

1995 - Joel establishes Vanson L.P.

1995 - Vanson quickly begins turning a profit.

1997 - After quadrupling the sales of 1995 in 1996, Vanson L.P. is converted into a corporation and Vanson, Inc. is born.

1998 - Vanson develops and markets Liposan Ultra.

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Key Personnel
Joel Van Ornum - President
We introduced a chitosan based clarifier for the pool and spa market, wound healing bandages for the 3M company, wine clarification kits for England, odor free sponges for 3M, a trademarked dietary supplement ingredient called Liposan, a pulp and paper wet strength additive...
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