Standard Jar Testing

Chitosan is an amazing polymer, that has the ability to flocculate most suspended sediments from various types of water. When you send a water or a sediment sample to Dungeness Environmental, we will evaluate the ability of our products to work in your situation. With water samples, we take measurements for conductivity, pH, and turbidity. After that, we do a preliminary jar test to see if we can flocculate the sediment from the water. If the result is positive, a rough dose study is performed. Usually the results of the dose study are given as a range of concentrations, rather than a set number. This is because it is never truly possible to mimic field conditions in the laboratory. If you send a sediment sample, we will make a water suspension from that, and proceed as outlined above. Generally, photos are taken and a brief report is written which is provided to the customer or prospective client. We encourage everyone to discuss these results and the treatment schematics with one of our knowledgeable field experts. All of the standard jar testing and preliminary phone consultation is provided free of charge.

Take it to the next level!

Dungeness also provides more in depth treatability analyses on wastewater that is either difficult to treat by standard methods or where multiple contaminants are a concern. Whether it’s high zinc loading, organics, turbidity or hydrocarbons our chemists and water treatment experts have the experience and tools necessary to develop site specific solutions. In the lab we systematically analyze for specific pollutant removal efficiencies modeling a variety of cost effective treatment methods. We provide our customers with a detailed treatability report summarizing the results and provide cost estimates for pilot and full-scale implementation. Couple our lab analysis with our field and regulatory expertise and we can provide everything needed to get the system on the ground with support every step of the way.

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