Approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology

Did you know that Ecology routinely performs site checks to verify that operators have their CESF certifications cards? Take the Dungeness Environmental Chitosan-Enhanced Sand Filtration (CESF) training course and become an Ecology Approved certified CESF operator in one week. Taught by erosion and sediment control professionals who developed CESF technology over the last 10 years - you are sure to get the most accurate, practical and up-to-date training available. Our certified trainers have designed, built, installed, operated and optimized dozens of treatment systems across the U.S.

The class consists of all of the elements required by Ecology to become officially certified. It is comprised of both classroom and field sections. In the classroom you will receive 8-hours of training in a traditional classroom setting as well as hands-on training in our research laboratory. The 32-hour field training portion is taught by senior CESF technicians and takes place at a location convenient to those taking the course. If individuals are training to become certified for operations at a specific construction site, this may take place on-site.

To be eligible for this course Ecology requires that the following course prerequisites be met:

  • Current Ecology-approved certification as a CESCL
  • Fundamental knowledge of stormwater quality testing procedures and methods for parameters applicable for the region/local.
  • Fundamental knowledge of high-pressure sand filtration systems
  • Fundamental knowledge of water pumping and piping systems.
  • Fundamental knowledge of stormwater discharge regulations and permits for applicable region/local.
Our 8-Hour Classroom Portion Covers:
  • General Permitting (NPDES)
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Site Specific CESF Approval Process
  • Best Management Practices
  • General Use Level Designation
  • Water Treatment Chemistry Using Chitosan
  • CESF Treatment System Design Considerations
  • Operations and Maintenance (Infiltration, Batch and Flow-through)
  • CESF Components
  • A Day in the Life of a CESF Operator
  • Jar Tests
  • Monitoring and Operations Logs
  • Bench-top Instrument Calibration
  • Receiving Water Quality
  • System Optimization Techniques
  • pH Adjustment Techniques
  • Sand-Filter Operation and Maintenance
  • System Troubleshooting
  • CESF System Health and Safety
Our 32-Hour Field Portion Covers:
  • Treatment System Components
  • Sand-Filter Operation and Maintenance
  • Pump Operation
  • System Optimization
  • Entering Data in the Operations Log
  • Turbidity and pH Instrument Calibration
  • Measuring and Recording of Auto/Grab Samples
  • Chitosan Dose Rate Calibration
  • Jar Tests
  • Residual Chitosan Test
  • Receiving Water Quality
  • Freeze Protection
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